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Our Commitment to You

C&V’s representatives take the time to understand clients’ needs and ensure the equipment recommended aligns with the job requirements and budget.
C&V works with clients to identify the layout and potential modifications that best fit the job requirements and transports the equipment directly to the site.
C&V services all their own equipment and are quick to respond to any problems or concerns from clients. C&V can quickly diagnose any equipment issues and repair equipment with limited downtime.



C&V is committed to service and client satisfaction.

With a client satisfaction rating of 96%, C&V is proud to be meeting and exceeding client expectations. C&V provides their clients with high-quality wellsite equipment, transparent communication, wellsite product expertise, and responsiveness to their clients’ needs

At C&V, dedicated sales representatives work with you to find the best wellsite equipment solution for your needs. C&V handles all the logistics, selecting the best rental wellsite unit from their extensive fleet. C&V manages and coordinates the transportation of the equipment in-house; reducing costs and allowing C&V to easily track and monitor their trucks to ensure deadlines are met.


At C&V, our passion for renting and selling relocatable structures started in 1977 when the founding partners started C&V in Alberta.


Safety is a top priority to C&V. The company is committed to creating the safest work environment for employees and clients. C&V’s safety process is internally audited to ensure safety is being adhered to.


C&V is proud to call Alberta home. C&V also offers services to Western Canada (AB, BC, and SK), with a head office in Calgary and rental yards in Grande Prairie, Edmonton, and Lloydminster.


C&V is a full logistics provider for its clients. C&V works in partnership with clients to find the best equipment that offers functionality and comfort while staying on budget.


At C&V, we reacted quickly to COVID-19, putting in place strong mitigation measures to keep our employees and contractors safe and to secure our business continuity during those unprecedented times. Throughout the ups and downs of the global crisis, we stayed open for business, supporting all of our customers’ needs.